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Mathematics is hidden in many phenomena in the world around us. Pupils and students
be made aware of the mathematical content of everyday math problem solver for free situations and phenomena and the Problem solving guided by mathematical means. In the mathematics classroom, the pupils acquire pupils and students basic arithmetic, thing-arithmetical and geometrical knowledge and develop skills that enable participation in social life, and she Ability to recognize mathematical questions in everyday life and to communicate.
Competence in the perception of mathematics as a cultural asset
The mathematics and the mathematical knowledge is a cultural achievement, the
historically has grown. According to mathematics as an activity is operated not as finished
Product presents. The students recognize the math problem solving mathematics as a powerful, but also limited tool for the description of the environment. Learn the importance of mathematics policy for the cultural development and access to the aesthetics of mathematical structures.

Can the full importance of mathematics for all areas of social life examples can be made based on key ideas. The content areas "numbers and"
Operations","Space and shape","Patterns and structures","Sizes and measurement"and"data and to Contact points of Mathematics with cultural contexts call trap". Qualification for structural reflection and to the critical use of reason
Mathematics teaching promotes basic intellectual skills, over the door of mportance such as mapping, generalize, give examples, uncover equivalents and On similar transfer thoughts.
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The mathematics teaching in primary school builds on the existing skills of electrician
NEN and students on and continues to work in preschool institutions.
He focuses on the formation of process and content expertise, to
students acting in problem-based situations of everyday life and lösungs -
able to subject-specific questions to make. This requires the highlighting
process-related competencies and a teaching culture, the children understand environment
course enables mathematics to avoid inert knowledge. Content are therefore reviewed
picked up and math problem solver with work treated at a higher level again to networks in the thinking of the pupils
to enable pupils and students. Providing subject-specific content is therefore not
An end in itself, but is also the emergence of overarching competencies such as Kommunizie-
ren, reasoning, representing, modeling and problem solving. For successful learning of mathematics
It also important that motivated students a positive attitude and a
Develop work attitude and become aware of their own learning by them in reflek-
There are especially the strengthening of student personality, confidence in the own Lernfä-
ability to win. The tying of the already acquired skills, abilities and knowledge
which are individually different, supports the willingness to the above set
implementation with mathematical content. In particular open tasks allow individual
Approaches on different levels and thus a natural internal differentiation.
Targeted differentiation measures support the formation of competences according to the
Conditions of pupils / students (request and support). Essential didactic
Principles, taking particularly into account the mentioned objectives, be further
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Child learning in elementary school mathematics instruction is an active, more constructive and often a subvert process. Students need always the way individual
Approaches and strategies to develop. The description of our own solutions and the re-
the argumentation, communication, and cooperation promote flexion about solving others.
The constructive handling of errors is here of course. Errors are approved, applied-
taken and considered important for the learning process. This allows in particular the openness
accounts individual strategies and promotes confidence in the own learning activities. Through the experience know of and reflecting inner mathematical structures can pupils and
Students automatically develop their knowledge of rules and data strategies.
Students find even then individual approaches and strategies, if
they are confronted with issues and problem-based situations, for which they have any
solid solution schemes have. Suitable for this purpose in particular thing tasks from the Crescent of children, by their special realism multidisciplinary work Chen and creativity challenge. Such tasks is also the communication and called for cooperation with others. The (common) represent, discuss and evaluate the Results is an important activity that deepens the learning experience (E.g., computer conferences, learning days Books).

Since ancient times, the great philosophers Pythagoras and Plato, they noticed how math is involved, people's life, such as shape and control the Universe with fixed laws without can be influenced and controlled by the people.

Of the ages have sought explanations about the force of mathematics, about the laws of physical reality, about the report closely and other sciences of mathematics and especially about the formation of the human mind from matter. Too many answers have not been found, and even the mystery was deepened still further.

The most important connection between mathematics and the universe was discovered by physicists Kepler and Newton who have found out that the planets of the solar system walk on the ellipse-shaped orbits. These curves were studied ellipses named first year Greek mathematician Menaihmos 350 I.Ch, so long before. Starting from here, other mathematicians have made other discoveries, other laws, strings of numbers with strict rules, chemical equations, gravity, the number pi, DNA structure, movement, math problem solver step by step free online.
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Gradually appeared another question and a new research theme: Math is independent of the human mind or not? People discover mathematical truths, just in the same way as astronomers discover new planet or math is an invention of man? If the math would be a human invention how to explain then many mathematical models of the cosmos? Why do strings of numbers are endless, just as is the Universe?

Many mathematicians have come to the conclusion that math is a breakthrough. Math and numbers have their own existence, whether people realize it or not. Others do not agree with the concept of discovery, they appreciate that man has created math problem solver calculus of the elements of the physical world. Scientists George math problem solving with answers and Rafael Nunez I write the book "math" originated and give the following definition: "math is a natural part of the human being. It arises from the bodies, brains and our daily experiences in the surrounding world "

This view raise interesting questions. If math problem solver calculus is an invention fully human, is it universal? If there were extraterrestrial civilizations, the same they would invent mathematics? The great scientist Carl Sagan believed that the answer to this question is Yes. He says it is highly unlikely that a natural physical process some could only transmit radio messages with the primes. If we receive such a message, I infer that there is somewhere a civilization which he likes raw numbers. What we call our mathematics can only be a possibility from a rich diversity of species of mathematics.

Some math problem solver step by step free online have recently discussed the possibility that our universe to be part of a multiunivers, a huge ensemble of universes.
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Specialists in molecular biology and cognitive science bring up another perspective, based on the study of the brain faculties. For some it's not very different mathematical language. After thousands and thousands of years people have been staring at two hands, two eyes and two legs appeared abstract definition of number 2.

Very few scientific topics of today still use the old ideas of three thousand years. Not the same things happens in mathematics. Even if the resulting formalism required certain demonstrarii has changed, mathematical results themselves do not change. It is important to understand if math was invented or discovered to understand if God was invented or discovered. God created people in his likeness and or people invented God after their own image and likeness?

Pythagoras has played an essential part in the history of astronomy, the first who supported the Earth's spherical shape, the independence movement from West to East in the opposite direction to the rotation of the planets, the constellations. He said that the numbers are bricks that make up the universe and the principles by which he works. Aristotle believed that Pythagoras and his students were the first to have been grabbed by the math and have done it progress, because they really were fed with math and numbers were revered. They are the parents of "cosmic search order" goes back and pure mathematics, based on the demonstration, unlike their ancestors, the Egyptians and the Babylonians believed that an abstract, a science without practical purposes.